Steak tartare with fried bread toast 280,-
Cheese board (mix cheeses) 180,-
Beef Carpacio with Jalapeňos pepper, parmesan cheese, capers and lettuce Rucola 225,-
Baked cheese with white mould (camembert), served on salad with cramberry sauce 155,-
Baked nachos chips with cheese cheddar and Jalapeňos pepper 125,-
Carpacio from smoked beet-root with goat cheese 235,-


Broth with liver dumplings and vegetables 65,-
Chilli soup with beans and nachos 85,-

Specialities and main courses

Pie Madras, spicy beef on ginger and curry, served with french fries 245,-
Hovězí Pie, beef on beer, served with french fries 245,-
Chicken Pie, chicken breast, bacon, mushroms, served with french fries 245,-
Fish and chips 245,-
Double skewer, min 25 min. for 2 persons grilled skewer of beef, chicken breast, homemade bacon, vegetables, herbs fried potatoes and french fries with barbeque and blue cheese sauce 690,-
RumpSteak, matured beefsteak served on hot pan with Pico de Gallo We recommend: Pepper, blue chesse sauce 390,-
700g Roast pork ribs with barbecue sauce and orange chutney 285,-
Pork medailons with homemade bacon 255,-
Chicken steak with herb butter 235,-
Fried pork tenderloin schnitzel 275,-
Fried camembert 215,-


Cheeseburger, bread roll, beef burger, vegetables, cheese chedar, french fries and mayonnaise 245,-
Texas burgerdark bread roll, roast pork ribs, vegetables, Bbq sauce, cheese chedar, Jalapeňo peppers, french fries 245,-
Bacon burgerdark bread roll, beef burger, homemade bacon, vegetables, cheese chedar, french fries 245,-
Vegetarian burgerbread roll, grilled Tofu, vegetables, cheese chedar, french fries, mayonnaise 215,-

Baquette sandwiches

Roast Beef – salad, mayonnaise and slices Roast Beef                              
Tuňákovýsalad, tuna, egg, onion and mayonnaise 195,-
Kuřecígrilled chicken, salad and mayonnaise 195,-


Pepperoni Salami, cheese 195,-


Roast Beef salad fresh salad with lettuce Rucola and slices Roast Beef  
Mix salát Mixed fresh vegetables (small, large) 95,- / 190,-
Salát SPECIÁLSalad (mixture of fresh lettuces, orange, nuts, pieces of chicken, cucumber, corn, dressing – (main dish) 235,-

Mix of fresh lettuce with grilled goat‘s cheese on toast

Salad with tuna, onion and egg 235,-


Spaghety Aglio olio 180,-
Spaghety Carbonara – (homemade bacon)


Warm apple strudel with whippet cream and vanilla ice cream 120,-
Waffl es with raspberry sauce, whippet cream and chocolate 120,-
Hot raspberries with vanilla ice cream and whippet cream 120,-


Orange chutney 40,-
Bbq 40,-
Blue cheese 40,-
Pepper sauce 40,-
Homemade tartare 40,-
Meat sauce – slightly smoked 40,-
Mayonnaise 40,-
Pico de Gallo 40,-


French fries 55,-
Mashed potatoes 55,-
Baked potato 55,-
Roasted herb potatoes 55,-
Roasted herb-baquette 65,-
Couvert (bread, condiments) 25,-