Steak tartare with pan toasted bread



Pork sampler platter (ham, home made bacon, sausage, smoked pork knuckle)


Smoked salmon with dill dressing-served on fresh salad


Home made sausage, mustard, horseradish / apple slaw

Baked cheese (camembert), served on salad with cranberry sauce   149,-


Consommé with liver dumplings and vegetables   65,-
Goulash soup with beef, served in bread   155,-

Our specialities

Fish and chips   225,-
For 2 people - roasted smoked  giant pork knuckle, mustard, horseradish / apple slaw   550,-
Double skewer - for 2 people - grilled double skewer of beef, chicken breast, homemade bacon, vegetables, served with herb fried potatoes, French fries with barbeque sauce and Dijon mustard   690,-
Beef tenderloin with mushrom sauce   450,-
Pepper steak   450,-
Special cheesburger with French fries and mayonnaise   225,-
700g Roast pork ribs with barbeque sauce and cabbage salad with dill   275,-
Brewer‘s goulash with onions and hot peppers served in bread   225,-
Farmer´s kettle - pork, chicken breast, home made bacon, fried potatoes, onions, sweet corn, garlic   275,-

We recommend!!

Pork steak served with ham au gratin Camembert   225,-
Pork steak with homemade bacon, lettuce Rucola and cashew nuts   225,-
Chicken steak served with spinach   215,-
Spaghetti Carbonara   189,-
Risotto with mushroms, Parmesan cheese   170,-
Fried camembert   190,-


Sandwich - toasted bread, ham, eggs, iceberg lettuce
Baquette Sandwich - chicken, mayonnaise, fresh vegetables
Baquette Sandwich - ham, butter, fresh vegetables


Pepperoni - salami, fresh mozzarella
Quattro formaggi (4 varieties of cheese)   185,-
Prosciutto - ham, fresh mozzarella


Mixed fresh vegetables (small, large)   95 / 190,-
Salad DELUXE - (main dish), mixture of fresh lettuces, orange, nuts, chicken, cucumber, corn, herb-garlic dressing   225,-
Tomato salad   65,-


Warm apple strudel with whipped cream and vanilla ice cream   120,-
Baked apple with caramel, cranberries and cinnamon   120,-
Hot raspberries with vanilla ice cream and whipped cream   120,-


Chili   30,-
Herb sauce   30,-
Tartare sauce   35,-
Pepper sauce   35,-
Barbeque sauce   35,-
Mushroom sauce   35,-
Meat sauce   25,-

Side dishes

Green beans with home made bacon   85,-
Fried onion rings   55,-
French fries   55,-
baked potato   55,-
Cabbage salad with dill   55,-
Mashed potatoes   55,-
Roasted herb potatoes   55,-
Steamed rice   55,-
Potato pancakes   55,-
Spinach   55,-
(bread, condiments)   25,-